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Type of Accommodation

What type of accommodation is a local lodging (AL)?
A local accommodation, in the apartment or villa modality, is an independent accommodation unit consisting of a kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom or sleeping area. Unlike a hotel, it has no reception, nor extra services associated with it. According to the DGS, access to other rooms that are not necessary (such as additional rooms) will be restricted.


How to get the keys?
After confirming the reservation, you should contact the accommodation, to communicate all information regarding the entry into the accommodation (what the professional should bring to the accommodation, what the accommodation already provides, among others), combine as access to the accommodation will be made and handing over the keys (digital or where and how to leave the physical keys - properly disinfected).
In the booking confirmation email, the accommodation and the professional will receive their contact details so that they can contact each other and share this information.
If you have any difficulties with access to the accommodation you should contact the accommodation.

Can I enter the accommodation at any time?
Entry on the day of check-in is subject to what has been agreed with the person responsible for the accommodation. Make sure you communicate your plans on time and confirm all details of key delivery.

How to return the keys?
The person responsible for your accommodation will give you instructions on how and when to hand over the accommodation keys and other departure procedures.
Be especially careful with the keys - disinfect them before handing them over.
If the check-out and key delivery procedures are not agreed with the accommodation, you should contact them as soon as possible for clarification.

Is it possible to contact the accommodation to ask any questions?
After filling in the pre-booking email and validating it, you will receive a booking confirmation email.
In this email, you will also receive the contact information of the accommodation, with which you should contact directly to communicate the details of the check-in and check-out, rules of use of the accommodation or other information and general instructions that you must pay attention to, as well as to clarify any doubts.


Will the accommodation be clean and ready when I enter?
Upon arrival, the apartment will be cleaned and disinfected. The beds are not made. You should confirm with the accommodation any questions regarding the products, appliances or other that it will provide. Access to other rooms that are not needed (such as additional rooms) should be restricted.

What should I bring to the apartment?
For the stay in the accommodation, for reasons related to logistics and health, you must ensure the following items: bath towels, all bed linen (whose measures must be communicated by the accommodation), pillow, and personal hygiene products, and toiletries. proper cleaning. Ex: garbage bags, bleach, disinfectants, toilet paper, mop, and dish detergent. You should confirm that the accommodation offers a basic starter kit, containing toilet paper and liquid soap so that you can carry out your basic hygiene. You should limit access to other rooms that are not needed (for example, additional rooms).
The professional should take care of washing your clothes - if necessary, confirm that the accommodation has a washing machine or other appliances that you consider necessary. Who is responsible for cleaning during the stay? The daily cleaning of the accommodation, as well as the treatment and removal of garbage during the stay, are the responsibility of the professional. At the end of the stay, a professional cleaning team will clean and disinfect the accommodation.

What do I do with the garbage?
Daily, remove all trash, including trash from the toilet.
According to ERSAR's instructions, place the garbage bag (no more than 2 thirds full) in a second bag and place it in the undifferentiated garbage container - place it in the street containers and not in the building duct.

If I damage something in the accommodation during my stay?
The professional should contact the accommodation immediately when any damage to the accommodation occurs during your stay.
The health professional must immediately report any damages or non-conformities to the accommodation found when starting his stay.


What are the procedures at the end of the stay?
When your accommodation period ends, you will have to collect your belongings, taking special care not to leave behind any objects or traces that endanger the cleaning team or the next professional.
You should not leave the accommodation without first informing the person in charge of that accommodation and agreeing a way to return the respective keys, properly disinfected.

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