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Access to Hotel, Hostel or GuestHouse

How is check-in organized?
The hotel previously arranges the arrival date and time, ensuring that someone is available to accompany check-in. Upon check-in, you will be asked:
 - Present a citizen card and/or employee card
 - Sign a Term of Responsibility at check-in.
The health professional must immediately report any damages or non-conformities to the accommodation found when starting his stay.

Can I enter the accommodation at any time?
In general, hotels will provide entry at any time. However, the hotel may not have a 24-hour reception service, and may only have a security guard responsible for controlling the entrances. In the booking confirmation email, the accommodation and the professional will receive their contact details so that they can contact each other and share this information. If you have any difficulties with accessing the accommodation you should contact the accommodation directly.

Is it possible to contact the accommodation to ask any questions?
After confirming the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email, you will also receive the contact information of the accommodation, with whom you can contact to answer questions regarding the details of check-in and check-out, rules for using the accommodation or other information and general information you should keep in mind. attention, as well as to clarify any doubts.


What should I bring to the apartment/accommodation?
The hotel will provide a health professional with bed linen and towels. Amenities can also be provided by the hotel, however, it is advisable for the health professional to bring their own, in case they are not provided by the hotel.

Will the accommodation be clean and ready when I enter?
Upon arrival, the apartment will be cleaned and disinfected. The beds are not made.

Who is responsible for cleaning during the stay?
The daily cleaning of the accommodation, as well as the treatment and removal of garbage during the stay, are the responsibility of the professional. At the end of the stay, a professional cleaning team will clean and disinfect the accommodation. Laundry service may be available, depending on the hotel.

What do I do with the garbage?
Daily, remove all trash, including trash from the toilet. According to ERSAR instructions, place the garbage bag (maximum of 2 thirds full) in a second bag. The hotel will then be responsible for depositing the waste in a container.

If I damage something in the accommodation during my stay?
The professional should contact the accommodation immediately when any damage to the accommodation occurs during your stay.


What are the procedures at the end of the stay?
When your accommodation period ends, you will have to collect your belongings, taking special care not to leave behind any objects or traces that endanger the cleaning team or the next professional.

How is the check-out organized?
The check-out process must be quick and with the minimum possible contact, the health professional must hand over the keys at the reception, making any eventual payment, in case he requested any additional services, previously agreed between the parties.

If I have to leave in the middle of the stay what do I do?
Inform the hotel of your departure before the end of the booking so that we can help other health professionals.

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