<span>A non-profit accommodation initiative to support<br>Relocated Healthcare Professionals</span>
A non-profit accommodation initiative to support
Relocated Healthcare Professionals


Thank you

To all healthcare professionals on the job today, we say: ‘Thank You!’. You are truly our heroes every day, but especially today, tomorrow, and for weeks to come.

To support those in the front lines who are working hard to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we are mobilizing to deliver temporary accommodation to relocated healthcare professionals across Porto and Lisbon.

With a charge of just €1.00 per night to cover property maintenance costs,
this offer is exclusive to healthcare professionals only.

How to book your room

Whether you’ve been transferred to a hospital far from home or want to protect your loved ones from exposure to COVID-19, you can now hand-pick your accommodation from a range of central locations nearest to your hospital.

Let’s say you are a doctor or nurse working in Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon,
here is how you can book your room:


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